Zhiyan Xu Awarded FRAXA Fellowship

Zhiyan Xu

Zhiyan Xu, member of the Zhao lab and Cellular & Molecular Program student, has been awarded the competitive FRAXA fellowship from the FRAXA Research Foundation. This fellowship provides $50,000 per year for up to 2 years to researchers with a translational or preclinical focus on Fragile X Syndrome.

Fragile X syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs when a single gene, called Fragile X Messenger Ribonucleoprotein 1 (FMR1), shuts down. FMR1 makes a protein called FMRP, which is needed for brain development. Individuals with Fragile X Syndrome don’t make this protein, leading to improper brain development.

The FRAXA Research Foundation focuses on research that is likely to lead to new and improved treatments, with an emphasis on disease-modifying therapeutics. Their goal is to eventually find a cure for Fragile X Syndrome.

Xu’s project is titled, “To interrogate the developmental timing for treating fragile X syndrome.”

Congratulations Zhiyan on winning this competitive fellowship!