Seminar Rooms

Seminar and conference rooms listed are listed below. Contacts are listed for the various rooms.

Building Room Specs Capacity Contact Email
Bardeen 341 Conference tables 30 Lisa Cappabianca
MSC 281 Conference tables 36 Lisa Cappabianca
McArdle 125 Seminar seating 85 Christina Langston
SMI 116 Conference tables 20 Christina Langston
WIMR II 3571 Seminar seating 54 Christina Langston
WIMR II 4471 Conference tables 6 Anna Olson
WIMR II 4473 Conference tables 12 Anna Olson
WIMR II 4571 Conference table 20 Anna Olson
WIMR II 5571 Conference table 30 Christina Langston
WIMR II 8471 Conference tables 6 Katie Randall
WIMR II 8473 Conference tables 12 Katie Randall
WIMR II 8571 Conference table 20 Katie Randall
WIMR II 9000A Conference tables 10 Christina Langston
WIMR II 9571 Conference table 30 Christina Langston

Rooms reservations for WIMR I and HSLC are made online at: