University of Wisconsin–Madison



Date Time Place Speaker Title
*2017 Fall Semester
09-13-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Gary Yellen: Harvard Cellular Metabolism in the Brain and its Effect on Excitability
09-20-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Stephanie Gupton: UNC-Chapel Hill Exocytosis for Plasma Membrane Expansion in Developing Neurons
09-27-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II John Svaren: UW-Comparative Biosciences Epigenetic Control of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
10-04-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Seminar rescheduled
10-11-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Vitaly Klyachko: Washington University Mechanisms of Synaptic Transmission at Nanoscale Resolution
10-18-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Jerry Yin: UW-Genetics The Long and Short of Long-Term Memory Formation in Drosophila: A Hypothesis for Memory Maintenance
10-25-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Chiara Cirelli: UW- Psychiatry Sleep and Synaptic Homeostasis
11-01-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Zhen Huang: UW-Neuroscience Region-specific Neuro-vascular Signaling and Blood Vessel Development in the Brain
11-08-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Jyoti Watters: UW-Comparative Biosciences Epigenetic Re-Programming of Microglial Inflammatory Responses by Chronic Intermittent Hypoxia
11-29-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Tracy Baker: UW-Comparative Biolsciences TBA
12-06-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Michael Cahill: UW-Comparative Biosciences TBA
12-13-17 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Akihiro Ikeda - UW-Medical Genetics & MERI TBA
*2017 Spring Semester
05-17-2017 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Ed Chapman: UW - Neuroscience New Insights into Fusion Pore Structure and Dynamics
05-10-2017 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Sushmita Roy: UW - Biostatstics & Medical Informatics / WID Computational Inference of Cell-type Specific Regulatory Networks on Mammalian Lineages
05-02-2017 03:30 PM 1345 HSLC Morgan Sheng: Genentech Woolsey Lecture: From Human Genetics to Mechanistic Hypothesis to Treatment of Nervous System Disease
04-26-2017 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Kate O'Connor-Giles: UW - Genetics Presynaptic Mechanisms for Tuning Neural Communications
04-20-2017 12:00 PM 3571 WIMR II Chris Gomez: University of Chicago Cerebellar Calcium Channels: Not a Simple Open and Shut Case
04-05-2017 12:00 PM 3572 WIMR II Brad Postle: UW - Psychology Neuroscience of Visual Perception, Attention, and Working Memory
03-29-2017 12:00 PM 3573 WIMR II Chris Ahern: University of Iowa Taking a Chemical Biology Approach to Ion Channels - Insights from Atomic Mutagenesis
03-15-2017 12:00 PM 3574 WIMR II David Freedman: University of Chicago Neuronal Mechanisms of Visual Categorization and Category Learning
03-08-2017 12:00 PM 3575 WIMR II Jihong Bai: Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center Neuronal Basis of Behavior and Perception in C. elegans
03-01-2017 12:00 PM 3576 WIMR II Gail Robertson: UW - Neuroscience Coherent Assemblies of mRNA Transcripts Regulating Membrane Excitability
02-22-2017 12:00 PM 3577 WIMR II Tim Gomez: UW - Neuroscience Molecular Mechanisms of Growth Cone Invasion
02-16-2017 04:00 PM 3578 WIMR II Theresa Gilaldez Fernandez: Universidad de La Laguna New Insights into Molecular Function of Large Conductance Voltage and Calcium-activated Potassium Channels
02-01-2017 12:00 PM 3579 WIMR II Aaron Suminski: UW - Neurosurgery Context-Dependent Coding of Motor Behavior in Primary Motor and Premotor Cortices
02-01-2017 12:00 PM 3580 WIMR II Reid Alisch: UW - Psychiatry Defining the Epigenetic Origins of Mental Illness
01-25-2017 01:00 PM Waisman Center Wiley Conf Room Natalie Patzlaff: Xinyu Zhao Lab Thesis Defense: Fragile X related protein 1 (FXR1P) regulation of proliferation in adult neural stem cells
01-25-2017 12:00 PM 3580 WIMR II Subhojit Roy: UW - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Neuronal Trafficking in Physiology and Disease
01-20-2017 11:00 AM 3580 WIMR II Robert Nichol: Tim Gomez Lab Thesis Defense: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Forces that Guide Growth Cone Motility
01-18-2017 12:00 PM 3580 WIMR II Qiang Chang: UW - Genetics Molecular Functions of MeCP2 and Mechanisms Underlying Rett Syndrome

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