Sousa Receives 2023 Krieg Cortical Kudos Explorer Award

Dr. Andre MM Sousa HeadshotCongratulations to Dr. Andre Sousa for winning the 2023 Krieg Cortical Kudos Explorer Award.

The award is presented by the Cajal Club, in recognition of Dr. Sousa’s “outstanding contribution to our understanding of human brain evolution.  Specifically, charting gene expression across various developmental stages and brain regions in humans, chimpanzees and rhesus macaques. The identification and characterization of a rare and unusual types of inhibitory interneurons in humans, not present in our closest living relatives (the great apes) is ground-breaking.”

The Cajal Club was established in 1947 to celebrate neuroanatomy and it has evolved over the years to promote all facets of neuroscience that include an appreciation of the intimate relationship between structure and function. The original aims of the Club were to preserve the memory of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the leading founder of modern neuroscience; to provide an opportunity for scientists with a special interest in the nervous system to socialize; to promote the importance of studying the structure of the nervous system; and, to provide support for scientists applying its methods and principles to their research.

Dr. Sousa will be presented with the award on Nov 12th the at the Cajal Club Social during the Society For Neuroscience meeting in Washington DC.