X. Huang Receives Research Forward Grant

Xin HuangDr. Xin Huang (Dept. of Neuroscience) has been selected to receive a Research Forward Grant for a project titled “Record the Activity of Genetically Identified Neurons Using Calcium Imaging.”

This is a collaborative effort among multiple labs in Neuroscience, BME, and WNPRC.

Research Forward projects are collaborative, high-risk, high-impact and transformative. The goal is to also fund research projects that require significant development prior to the submission of applications for external funding. Research Forward projects also include an integrated and compelling plan for establishing and maintaining an equitable and inclusive research effort.

Principle Investigator: Xin Huang, Professor of Neuroscience

Co-Principal Investigators:
Jon Levine, Professor of Neuroscience and Director of the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center
Luis Populin, Professor of Neuroscience
Ari Rosenberg, Associate Professor of Neuroscience
Aaron Suminski, Senior Scientist in Neurological Surgery
Ei, Terasawa-Grilley, Professor of Pediatrics and Affiliate Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Kip Ludwig, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Neurological Surgery
Xinyu Zhao, Professor of Neuroscience and Affiliate Waisman Center

Congratulations to all!