Tom Yin Honored At WMAA Awards Banquet

Tom Yin and Erik Dent posing with Tom's WMAA Award
Emeritus Professor Tom C.T. Yin and Interim Chair Erik Dent

Emeritus Tom C.T. Yin received a Basic Sciences Emeritus Faculty Award category at the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association banquet. This award is given to a basic scientist who demonstrates long and effective service to the UW School of Medicine and Public Health in teaching and/or research.

“Dr. Yin’s scientific accomplishments are fundamental and are an essential part of any textbook that covers the mammalian auditory nervous system. His work has been important not only for understanding hearing but also in the development and use of bilateral cochlear implants. In a taxi at the end of a scientific conference, I heard a succinct statement that summarizes what people think about the quality of his work. ‘Tom Yin sets the standards in our field.’ Our school and our campus were fortunate to have had such an extraordinarily talented and committed colleague on its faculty for so long.”

Dr. Yin was nominated in 2018 by the late Donata Oertel, PhD. Donata Oertel passed away in April 2020. She was a member of the faculty for more than 38 years and is deeply missed as a colleague, leader, mentor, and friend.