Moore Published in Cell Stem Cell

Darcie Moore Department of Neuroscience scientists headed by Assistant Professor Dr. Darcie Moore were recently published in the journal Cell Stem Cell. The study, Vimentin Coordinates Protein Turnover at the Aggresome during Neural Stem Cell Quiescence Exit, reveals how a cellular filament helps neural stem cells clear damaged and clumped proteins, an important step in eventually producing new neurons.

Using a mouse model, the team identified a cellular filament known as vimentin as a key component of neural stem cells’ protein-management system.

Graduate student Chris Morrow says, “As a long-term goal, we would love to be able to induce endogenous neural stem cells to help regenerate the tissue, especially after a stroke or some type of neurodegeneration.”

You can read the full article here:

Congratulations to Darcie and the Moore lab!