Vevea to Receive 2nd Annual Warren Alpert Foundation Distinguished Scholars Fellowship

Jason Vevea, a postdoc in Dr. Ed Chapman’s lab, has been selected as one of 5 awardees of the 2nd annual Warren Alpert Foundation Distinguished Scholars Fellowship.

The Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars is a program that supports individual scientists of exceptional creativity who have an MD or PhD degree and who have completed a minimum of three years and not more than five years of a post-doctoral fellowship in the field of basic neurosciences at a medical school located in the United States.

These awards are given as transitional post-doctoral awards for recipients as they advance to become full time faculty members at the Assistant Professor level or higher.

The dean of each U.S. located medical school is invited to nominate one candidate. Scholars are chosen on the basis of the success in their prior post-doctoral work as well as in the importance and creativity of their continued work.

More information about the award can be found at this link:

Acute disruption of disease relevant neuronal proteins

Human genetic studies have linked numerous neuronal proteins to neurodegenerative disease, but the functions of many of these proteins remain unclear, hindering the development of effective therapies. In this project I will apply our newly developed acute protein disruption technique, along with advanced optical methods for monitoring neurotransmitter release, to better understand the role of the Parkinson’s disease relevant protein α-synuclein in the synaptic vesicle cycle.

Congratulations, Jason!