Xinyu Zhao

Position title: Professor - Ph.D., 1997, University of Washington, Seattle


Phone: Office: (608) 263-9906

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms regulating neural stem cells and brain development

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The research in our laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate  brain development with the goal of applying this knowledge in the treatment of brain disorders.

We use diverse model  systems including human pluripotent stem cells (e.g. iPSCs), brain organoids, transgenic mice, and ex vivo brain slice culture in our research. We employ a wide range of state-of-art methods, including single cell genetic, genomic, proteomic, imaging, and behavioral methods to interrogate the roles of genes, epigenetic regulators, and RNAs in brain development and their implications in human neurodevelopmental disorders, such as Fragile X syndrome, Autism, and Rett Syndrome.

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