Daniel Uhlrich

Position title: Professor - Ph.D., Brown University

Email: duhlrich@wisc.edu

Phone: Phone: (608) 262-8465 | Lab: (608) 262-8466 | Fax: (608) 265-5512

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Neural Modulation of Visual Signals in the Thalamus; Photosensitive Epilepsy

Daniel Uhlrich

The thalamus is the location where ascending visual signals destined for cerebral cortex for perception can be modified as a function of behavioral states. The thalamus also acts as an intermediary for cortico-cortical communication. Our research aims to understand the anatomical and electrophysiological bases of these processes using neuroanatomical and immunohistochemical light and electron microscopic methods and single- and multi-unit electrophysiological recordings with activation of specific neuromodulatory projections.

Thalamo-cortical neural circuitry is also involved in the generation of normal brain rhythms that occur across the sleep wake cycle and in the pathological rhythms of absence (petit mal) epilepsy. Absence seizures can be triggered by flashing visual stimuli, and we are studying the thalamic mechanisms that lead to the onset of these phototriggered seizures.

Selected Publications

  • Smith, P.H., Uhlrich, D.J., Manning, K.A. and Banks, M.I. (2012) Thalamocortical projections to rat auditory cortex from the ventral and dorsal divisions of the medical geniculate nucleus. J. Comp. Neurol. 520:34-51.
  • Banks, M.I., Uhlrich D.J., Smith, P.H., Krause, B.M. and Manning, K.A. (2011) Descending projections from extrastriate visual cortex modulate responses of cells in primary auditory cortex. Cerebral Cortex. 21:2620-2638 PMID: 21471557
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