Robert Fettiplace

Position title: Ph.D., 1974, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England


Phone: (608) 262-9320

RESEARCH INTERESTS - Mechanisms of mechanotransduction and frequency tuning in auditory hair cells

Robert Fettiplace

My research focuses on the physiology of hair cells isolated from the inner ear and studied with patch clamp recording and optical imaging. This research has provided descriptions of the mechanosensory transduction mechanism, the membrane channels involved in frequency tuning, and the regulatory roles of intracellular calcium. My current interest lies with the outer hair cells of the mammalian cochlea, the mechanotransducer channels and the mechanism of force generation by the stereociliary bundle that may underlie amplification and tuning of the auditory signal.

Scanning electron micrographs

Figure: (A) Scanning electron micrographs of the stereociliary bundles of rat cochlear inner (top) and outer hair cells; scale bar = 2.6 mm (top) and 2.0 mm (bottom). (B) Single mechanotransducer channels evoked by deflections of the stereociliary bundle of an inner hair cell. The unitary conductance is about 200 pS (see Beurg et al. 2006).

Selected Publications

  • Johnson SL, Beurg M, Marcotti W & Fettiplace R. (2011) Prestin-driven cochlear amplification is not limited by the outer hair cell membrane time constant. Neuron 70 (in press)
  • Beurg, M., Nam, J-H. Chen, Q. & Fettiplace, R (2010) Calcium balance and mechanotransduction in rat cochlear hair cells. J Neurophysiology 104:18-34
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