Neuroscience Seminars: 2015

Date Time Place Speaker Title
Jan. 21, 2015

12:00 noon T216 Waisman
Scott Hebbring,
Marshfield Clinic
The Development of Phenome-Wide Approaches for the Study of Human Genetics
Feb. 11, 2015

12:00 noon 5571 WIMR
Trina Basu,
Roopra Lab
Hua Bai,
Chapman Lab
"The Epigenetic Regulation of Synaptic Plasticity in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex" and "The Cooperation between the Tandem C2-domains of Synaptotagmin "
Feb. 12, 2015

1:00 PM 1309 HSLC
Christopher Fetsch,
Columbia University
Causal Links between Sensory Neural Activity and Confidence in a Perceptual Decision
Feb. 17, 2015

12:00 noon 1309 HSLC
Christelle Anaclet,
Harvard University
The Sleep-Promoting Parafacial Zone: Discovery and Future Directions
Feb. 25, 2015

12:00 noon 5571 WIMR
Sharon Dubois,
Levine Lab
Tim Mavlyutov,
Guo Lab
"Positive, but not Negative Feedback Actions of Estradiol in Adult Female Mice Require Estrogen Receptor a (ERa) in Kisspeptin Neurons" and "Positive Effects of Sigma Receptors on Neurodegenerative Diseases"
Mar. 2, 2015

2:15 PM 1309 HSLC
Steven Flavell,
Rockefeller University
Neural Mechanisms that Generate Persistent Behavioral States
Mar. 9, 2015

2:15 PM 1309 HSLC
Ari Rosenberg,
Baylor College of Medicine
Living in Stereo: The Neural Basis of 3D Vision
Mar. 18, 2015

12:00 noon 5571 WIMR
Kevin Oelstrom,
Chanda Lab
Patrick Kerstein,
Gomez Lab
"Quantitative Mapping of Interactions within the Voltage-Sensor to Pore Interface of the Shaker Potassium Channel" and "Local Calpain-mediated Proteolysis of Adhesion Proteins Guides Axon Pathfinding"
Mar. 25, 2015

12:00 noon 1345 HSLC
Derrick McVicker,
Dent Lab
Zixuan He,
Chapman Lab
"A Novel Microtubule-Based Mechanism for Transport of Material into Dendritic Spines" and "Synaptotagmin-9 as Regulator of Strial Networks: Synaptic Plasticity and Autism"
Apr. 8, 2015

12:00 noon T216 Waisman
Vasanthi Jayaraman,
UT - Houston
Glutamate Receptors - Conformational Dynamics to Function
Apr. 15, 2015

12:00 noon 5571 WIMR
Satyajit Mahapatra,
Lou Lab
Dynamin-1 is Required for Short Term Synaptic Plasticity and Transmission Fidelity Independent of Vesicle Re-availability at a Mature Central Synapse
Apr. 22, 2015

12:00 noon 5571 WIMR
Marcel Goldschen-Ohm,
Chanda Lab
Renhao Xue,
Chapman Lab
"Single Molecule Fluorescent Cyclic Nucleotide Binding to HCN2 in Zero-mode Wavelengths" and "Structural Elements that Underlie Doc2 Function during Asynchronous Synaptic Transmission"
Apr. 29, 2015

12:00 noon 5571 WIMR
Yu Gao,
Zhao Lab
Epigenetic Regulation of Neuronal Maturation
April 30, 2015

1:30 PM T216 Waisman
Abigail Rajala ,
Luis Populin Lab
Thesis Defense: Investigation of Higher Order Cognition and Behavior and Underlying Mechanisms: Effects of Methylphenidate and the Role of the Dopamine Transporter
May 1, 2015

3:00 PM Room 1111, 425 Henry Mall
Sharon Dubois,
Jon Levine Lab
Thesis Defense: The Role of Estrogen Receptor a in Kisspeptin Cells in the Regulation of Female Reproductive Physiology
May 7, 2015

4:00 PM 1345 HSLC
Mahlon DeLong,
Emory University
Woolsey Lecture: The Paradox of Functional Stereotaxic Surgery
May 14, 2015

3:00 PM Room 1309, HSLC
Shane McMahon,
Meyer Jackson Lab
Thesis Defense: Ca2+ Buffering and Dynamics in a Large Peptidergic Nerve Terminal
May 27, 2015

12:00 noon T216 Waisman
Ulrich Mueller,
Scripps Research Institute
Shaping Our Minds: Mechanisms of Mammalian Neocortical Development
June 17, 2015

1:00 PM Room 6571, WIMR
Lindsey Roper,
Ed Chapman Lab
Thesis Defense: Synaptotagmin Isoforms Regulate Hormone Secretion in the Anterior Pituitary
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