Say Not the Experiment Naught Availeth

Say not the experiment naught availeth,
All the penetrations are in vain,
The unit holds not, nor driveth,
And as things have been they remain.

If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars,
It may be, in yon noise concealed,
Your electrode nears e'en now the binaurals,
And, but for you, the disc is filled.

For while the tired eyes, vainly looking,
Seem here no painful spike to observe,
Far down, in the fourth and sixth layers lurking,
Hides silent, waiting, the Delay Curve.

And not by the visual layers only,
With pip-sweep driven, comes in the spike,
At first, driven units come slow, how slowly,
But near dawn, look, the outlook is bright.

Judy Hirsch, Joe Chan, and anonymous
Aug. 12, 1982
For 82-111
(with apologies to Arthur Hugh Clough)

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