Richard L. Moss, Distinguished Teacher

Richard L. Moss of this honor is most deserving
For his dedication is quite amazingly unswerving.
Come early and he's already there in the morning;
Leave late and there's his car, the lot adorning.

With a BS from Oshkosh, Rick's a Wisconsin man.
After a stay in Vermont he had a PhD in hand;
Then with a postdoc in Boston, his training was done
And he was ready for a real job in Madison.

In Physiology since nineteen seventy nine
Rick rose through the ranks rapidly from that time.
He was appointed its Chair in nineteen eighty eight
When the Department was not in a very good state.

Under Rick's guidance, however, it thrived and grew
And with a merger became something quite new.
Rick keeps us in line and leads with great style;
In spite of the burdens he greets all with a smile.

His work all along's been on muscle contraction;
How legs, arms and hearts regulate their action.
Numerous, fine, peer-reviewed publications
Document cross-bridges and their gyrations.

Today it's Rick's teaching that we celebrate,
And his ability with students to communicate.
Rick teaches not just about cardiovascular function,
But also how fright gives more strength and gumption.

A highlight comes on St. Valentine's Day,
(At least that's what many of the students say.)
Love, he teaches, is at the physiological junction
Of autonomic and cardiovascular function.

Donata Oertel
April 2000

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