Thank You Rick

For many years Rick's been our Chair;
He's served us with tremendous flair.
21 years Rick's soldiered on with grace,
Pulling together and building the place.
If you visit his office, you likely get a smile
Even if you demand an administrative mile
No problem is too small or too large;
He doesn't hesitate to take on a charge.

To review some of the chronology
Of the Department of Physiology...
It began way back in 1906
And grew gradually, in little bits.
Clinton Woolsey came in '48,
Forming a group that was separate.
In '74 the department split in two.
(Some will remember who was who.)

After being hired to Physiology in '79,
Rick's been Chair since '88--a long time!
Much began to happen that was great.
New faculty came through the gate,
Research programs began to bustle
With faculty willing and able to hustle.
Studies included beating of hearts,
Breathing, and moving of body parts.

Colleagues watched from adjacent halls,
How he responded to his faculty's calls.
To Rick Neurophysiologists turned
When by politics they were burned.
In '97 it was decided that this was it;
Rejoined were parts that once were split.
Rick was faced with a job that grew;
He became responsible for our varied crew.

Twelve more years have quickly passed.
And not surprisingly Rick was asked
To become the Senior Associate Dean
And to shepherd changes in our scene.
We wish Rick a great many successes
In dealing with administrative messes.
We thank Rick for having done so much
With his characteristic, kind, firm touch.

Donata Oertel
August 2009

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