Thank you to Ravi Kochhar for all he has done

Our beloved and much respected Ravi
Will soon become a retiree and truly free.
It is with unease and a very heavy heart
That we contemplate making a new start.
We have been helped, served and taught
Whenever by computers we were caught
With quiet competence that was astounding
And with generosity and selflessness abounding.

At first he programmed the MIT Linc
To show how sound and neuronal firing synch.
Then came two Harrises that could do more
With discs that were the size of furniture.
When they crashed Ravi managed to rescue
Most data, grants, papers and what have you.
As years passed the number of computers grew;
They shrank, still crashed, but backups got us through.

With more computers, networks, and email
Ravi's job changed from breeze to gale.
When we received one email per day,
Managing the server did not get in the way.
But emails came at an ever increasing rate.
And sitting at a computer became the normal state.
(Oddly email's become a widespread addiction
Although most messages are an affliction.)

Early on the clients Ravi served were few
But with restructuring the numbers grew.
At first it was only folks in Neurophysiology,
Then with a merger his fame grew to Physiology.
Another shuffle brought Ravi also to those in CRB
Whose appreciation grew unsurprisingly rapidly.
His territory grew from a basement room in MSB
To include SMI, WIMR, and HSLC.

We are lucky to have been served by and known
One whose competence and generosity have so shone.
Most of us strive to sell our knowledge in some way.
But Ravi said it's people and friendships that pay.
For over forty years this attitude has been a gift
That makes his retirement leave an enormous rift.
Wishing happiness to our remarkable friend,
We rejoice in having worked with Ravi, beginning to end.

Donata Oertel
December 15, 2015

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