Physiology 435

Looking back you will likely agree
You've learned a lot of physiology.
The crux of the matter is homeostasis
For which you now know the basis.
Neurons use voltage and current for speed
To respond to internal and external need.
Hormones use blood for transportation
To look for receptors to form a relation.
Blood is in turn impelled by the heart
Through valves that thump at stop and start
Blood regularly takes a special trip
For purification and O2 it can ship.
The kidney is the target of much blood
Which then removes the remaining crud.
The unbeautiful gut brings in the food;
Its actions can occasionally be rude.
Each of us is proof that bodies work
Bodies amazingly rarely go beserk.

Thanks for being a part of our team;
You made it fun to work at full steam.
May what you've learned be of use
In the future endeavors you choose.

Donata Oertel
May 2011

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