Ode to Lady Oertel

For those of you who don't know, Donata's last name is pronounced 'ertle'
However you could never compare her to a turtle
For she is fast and she's quick and she never misses a lick
Especially when it comes to electrophysiological quip.

She is brilliant & she's bright
and she's always willing to put up a fight
for whatever or whomever
she believes is right.

I'm so glad to've been at her side
and have her as my guide
through this wild, wonderful and sometimes wacky ass ride.

Also thanks to Xiao-Jie
who was always willing to share a story
of which would never bore me
including advice on every topic
like how to improve a synaptic recording and not to slop it.

Otoferlin was the mystery topic
wondering why are these synaptic currents so large
And what protein or mechanism is responsible for it and in charge
Of these adaptations at the great end bulb of Held.
Only the unraveling of a great mystery will tell.

Thanks to them both
For being such wonderful hosts
and superb friends along the way.
For long will I boast about our celebratory toast
and years of work and play.

So here's to D
Who might just be
As persistent
And determined as me.

Samantha Wright
July 18, 2014

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