Thank You, Ladera

For years we've turned to Ladera to know
The things that make a department go.
Not only how much money is left,
But also which person has the heft
In the campus administrative maze
To put out a bureaucratic blaze.

With my appointment as Interim Chair
I became even more keenly aware
Of Ladera's knowledge and expertise
That blows away problems in a breeze.
She knows our good sides and our quirks
And assures that we all worked without irks.

I'll bet you've sometimes made a detour,
Even when you had no special need to,
Through the first floor just to say hi
To our wonderful office people in SMI.
It's Ladera who made the office so fine
That it's a place for which we pine.

Ladera became a person we treasured,
For collegiality that cannot be measured.
Ladera always had a sympathetic ear
And discretion that left nothing to fear.
When we felt sad, or mad, or desperate
There was always the bowl of chocolate.

Ladera will soon no longer be close by
And we will miss being able to rely
On her presence here and her skills
But rejoice at the liking she instills.
We're glad administratively she is moving up;
Having her around has been GREAT luck.

Donata Oertel
Aug. 12, 2010

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