Thanks to John Brugge

This party here today
Reflects our wish to say,
That, John, we thank you
For being chair, and Dotty too.
Four great colleagues
Add fresh, new expertise
And make our research perk.
You've made our place of work
Both pleasant and fulfilling.
The office cares for billing.
Shops help make contraptions.
Computers, no longer bastions
For those with expertise,
Are linked to work with ease.
Histologists are always willing,
In all their jobs great skill instilling.
Photography and illustration,
Serve nearly the whole nation!
Your kindness and integrity
Make ours a better university.
Hats off to you, John Brugge!
Relax! (I wonder, could he?)

Donata Oertel
Aug. 9, 1996

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