To Joe Hind, upon his Retirement

This is dedicated to Joseph E. Hind,
A privilege to know, one of a kind.
Gentle, warm and ever willing to share,
His time, thought and thorough care.
Being smart and kind in equal measure
Makes him a colleague who's a treasure.
As its first chair, Joe made Neurophysiology,
A place that thrives without apology.
For space he was not grabby,
So we work closely, rarely crabby,
With lots of talk and interaction
That makes the place ever full of action.
With Jerzy Rose he made a team
And contributions held in high esteem.
The auditory nerve was the first focus,
Then the AVCN became the locus,
To show phase-locking in early papers.
Four authors circling in playful capers,
They delight those who join the band,
Of physiologists seeking to understand
How mammals find and stay in tune.
That cells're remarkable one cannot impugn.
Joe brought computers, for problems to rout
That now we really couldn't do without.
More recent work, too, is of great reknown
Showing what cues separate up from down.

Donata Oertel

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