Thank You, Jo Ann
(On the retirement of Jo Ann Ekleberry)

Dear friend and colleague, Jo Ann Ekleberry,
We hope that to retirement you'll carry
Thoughts and thanks and best of wishes
For health and peace and crochet stitches
From us who've been so very lucky
To have worked with one so kind and plucky.

Neurons in the brain lie in a terrible tangle.
To learn what's where and at what angle,
You fixed and cut, stained and mounted,
Assuring that no piece was discounted,
Thousands of brains in Neurophysiology
Without complaint - only occasional apology.

With patience and skill, you were not stymied
Even when the tissue was huge or tiny.
You brought warmth, caring and generosity,
Sharing joys and sorrows without pomposity.
The thought that we'll see you less brings sadness,
But having known you brings enduring gladness.

Donata Oertel
Jan. 6, 1998

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