We Will Miss You, Joan
(On the retirement of Joan Meister)

Upon the retirement of our friend and colleague, Joan,
Whom we feel lucky to have worked with and known,
We wish you joy with your friends and your family,
Especially with grandchildren, Tommy and Emily.
For twenty six years we in Neuro- and Physiology
Enjoyed both kindness and great skill in histology.
Countless pieces of tissue, both large and very small,
From precious experiments whose details we need to recall,
Joan patiently sectioned, stained and mounted on slides.
That work was critical for making the scientific strides
For which our laboratory group is rather well known.
In the last 19 years more tasks were thrown upon Joan-
Gallons and gallons of salines - about 7000 in all -
In the morning so early that experiments did not stall.
Going to work will never again be quite the same.
As in the many acknowledgments that include your name,
We thank you for your kindness, generosity and support.
Please come back sometimes and give us a report
If the table holds up your work as you have ours
Or if it's just decorated, perhaps with flowers.

Donata Oertel
March 2000

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