Upon the Retirement of Diane Buechner

For decades. by working in the realm of Bucky,
Diane's been making those around her lucky.
Logical, principled, hard-working and fair,
She has for negotiating bureaucracy a flair.
Glance into 118 and you'll likely see
Her working with great intensity,
Head bowed over piles of papers
Or facing a screen's number capers.
She keeps track of where money's stored
So competently that doubts can be ignored.
Her telling Chairs where finances stand,
Helps them keep the department in hand.
She tells news as it is, good or bad,
So following her lead makes us glad.
I suspect I speak for us all when I say,
That while we would've liked you to stay
And amongst us remain in Bucky employ,
We hope the future brings you peace and joy.

Donata Oertel
Dec. 19, 2012

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