Upon the Retirement of Dan Yee

The retirement of our own Dan Yee
Is a surprising and strange reality.
For he's so young and full of vitality.

Drive up Randall or Monroe
And you'll pass a bicyclist you know
Not just in rain but even in the snow.

We may at times have taken for granted
The help of someone so very talented
Who made things that were unprecedented.

And often, in the midst of a recording,
When something suddenly stopped working,
Dan found where problems were lurking.

Who's not had a computer unexpectedly fail,
And, finding all data out of reach, turn pale?
Luckily we've had Dan and Ravi to hail.

Having been spoiled for so many years,
We now look forward with some fears;
For what we've had, though, we give cheers.

Dan, so consistently and so professionally
You've supported all work electronically.
We thank you hugely and whole-heartedly.

Donata Oertel
December, 2010

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