Charge of the Lunatic Brigade

Half a micron, half a micron
Half a micron onward
All in the valley of SC
Rode the brave three.
Forward, the Lunatic Brigade !
Charge for the Units, said T.C.T,
Into the Valley of SC
Rode the brave three .

Forward, the Lunatic Brigade
Was there a person dismayed?
Not tho' the students knew
Someone had blundered :
Theirs not to make reply
Theirs not to reason why
Theirs but to do or die
Into the valley of SC
Rode the brave three.

60 Hz to right of them,
60 Hz to left of them,
FFR in front of them,
Volleyed and thunder'd.
Stormed with bad PAR and cable ,
Doing as best as able,
Into the jaws of SC
Hoping for a Unit stable
Rode the brave three.

Tried all the stimuli here
Flashed the lights here and there,
Avoiding the Cortical layer
Charging the brain, while
All the department wondered.
Stooped on the too low chairs
Meaningless words they spoke.
Neurons and Glial cells,
Reeled from the sharp electrode.
Red eyed and bleary
Then they rode back, but now
Not the brave three.

Graphics to the right of them
DSS to left of them
Dead units behind of them
Stormed at by rotten luck
While prof and student fell
They that had tried so hard
Came thro' the jaws of boredom
Back from the end of SC
All that was left of them
Left of the brave three.

When can their memory fade?
Oh, the wild penetrations they made!
All the department wondered.
Honor the effort they made !
Honor the Lunatic Brigade,
Noble one Hundred.

Judy Hirsch, Joe Chan, and anonymous
July 22, 1982
For 82-103
(with apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson)

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