Current Graduate Students


Timothy S. Catlett


I utilize a pluripotent stem cell model to investigate guidance mechanisms in derived human neurons of the early CNS. I hope to elucidate neurite outgrowth and guidance responses to cues and their underlying intracellular signaling cascades, with an emphasis on the role of local protein synthesis at the growth cone. Stem cell modeling also facilitates our study of guidance phenotypes occurring in human neurodevelopmental diseases including Autism Spectrum Disorders.

 Caitlin Short I am interested in how neurons navigate and respond to guidance cues in 3D environments. Specifically, my research is focused on identifying the molecular cues and intracellular signals that regulate invadosome formation in neuronal growth cones. To this end I am using a combination of in vivo and in vitro 3D approaches with molecular techniques to manipulate candidate molecules and observe growth cone guidance behaviors with confocal and super resolution microscopy.
 Edwin (Ed) Suarez-Zayas My current research interests involve the characterization of protease activities targeted by growth cone invadosomes of developing axons. In my research I hope to identify the transmembrane and secreted matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) associated developing axons, how MMPs are regulated, their proteolytic targets, and roles of MMPs in axon extension and guidance during neural development.

Sarah Rempel


I am a student in the Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD program and joined the lab in January 2016. I received my BA in Biology with a Concentration in Neuroscience from Carleton College. I am currently researching the role of calcium signaling in axon guidance, which you can read about on my blog

Current Undergraduates



Alec McCann*, Junior


Drew Hollender, Junior


Erin McGinnis, Sophomore


Meghan Born, Sophomore


Apoorva Dhawan, Sophomore









Past Undergraduates

*Denotes Hilldale Fellow

* Denotes Hilldale Fellowhsip recipient

Felicia Loe (2001-2003)


Sofia Hussein (2002- 2004)


Nathan Horek* (2003-2004)


Yiqi Seoq* (2004-2006)


Justin Green (2004-2005)


Jennifer Schmidt (2005-2006)


Yin Cao (2006-2007)


Dan Rowan (2006-2009)


Matt Bobel (2008-2009)

Aubrey Lauersdorf (2009-2010)


Allison Ducharme-Smith (2010-2011)


Anna Drewry (2010-2012)


Erik Thornton (2010-2011)


Emma Svenson (2010-2014)


Kelly Gregus (2011-2013)


Kevin Patel (2012-2014)


Kate Hagen*  (2013-2015)